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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  October 26, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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investor, but cools could be effected. >> that's it for forbes on fox. thank you for watching. keep it here. taxpayer-funded insurance co-ops created to compete on the health care exchanges now worry some are too financially sick to survive. and guess who will be left with that bill? you and me. plus slamming the door on government waste because that's what we do on cashing in. get this, studying male prostitutes in mexico. your bp spiking yet? the ways congress can slash right now to get the number down. and a customer is suinge d's fo. you saw that before. you decide, cashing in starts
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right now. hi, welcome to "cashing in." our crew, jonathon, michelle and juan williams. welcome, everyone. i am betting a lot of you have not heard about nonprofit insurers that will sell coverage in obamacare. they are getting $2 billion in low interest government loans. one already went bankrupt and went under. now 10 others are struggling and that could leave taxpayers on the hook for a billion dollars. jonathon, sounds like salindra. >> it is. it is government intervention into what should be a private mark. you can have a billion dollars of taxpayer money literally going down the tubes. the government cannot create competition. competition comes from a free, unfed erred market. the president has been against it from the onset.
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government is not just loving parents. it is a gun. it is force. just like the green energy spending is designed to give the appearance of a free market and the appearance of choice when it is a government gun and government force behind the whole thing. that's why it is doomed to fail. >> juan, we hadn't heard about this. we dug this up a couple days ago. there are $2 billion of low or no interest loans going out to these nonprofit insurers. as jonathon points out, you are messing with the free market. anytime you mess with the free market and capitalism it fails. they tried it with the green energy stuff, it doesn't work. why not let the free market flief? >> you are so concerned with the insurance and that's why america is up in arms with health care and that's why obamacare exists. the co-ops, you know what, it is an example of the private market the insurance companies putting so many obstacles in the way they have made it difficult for the co-ops which
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are basically small insurance groups started by hospitals, doctors, community groups and made it hard to suck sewed. they >> hard to succeed. they are pleasing the insurance companies who said it was too much of a government creation, eric. >> michelle, bring this home. they can't do anything right when they try and dabble in the free markets and try and provide -- what they try to do is provide an alternative to bring costs down. they are realizing you can't do it. it doesn't work. >> exactly. the government cannot create competition. we knew this was going happen. the white house's office of management and budget said they projected that these co-ops have a 91% of -- default rate. that illustrates the government. if the private organization saw a report like that 91% default rate, they would say no, and they would kill the project. the government sees this and says let's go ahead with this and this is a great idea.
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91% default rate. >> not bad. it is better than the green energy push. >> juan is repeating the government and we had this great free market and health care before obamacare and that's what ruined it all. before obamacare, they were responsible for half of all health care expenditure. that will go up and up. just like ethanol and just like housing and student loans, it will result in massive wealth destruction for all. this whole idea government can create competition is a continue business. ad sh dash -- contridiction. >> you want to be honest about money. if you are in the market for a private insurance you know that the cost can be astronomical to the point of breaking business and driving up costs. we spend more on health care than any other country in the world. >> answer one question.
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didn't we have a free market and health care prior to obamacare. >> and it wasn't working. >> oh my -- you are being dishonest. >> that's why we pay more than anybody else in the world and have the worst outcomes. >> i am not sure the worst outcomes. people come here and get their health care here for the rich. >> okay, and michelle, obamacare. >> we have the best health care. that's why everyone comes here. >> here is the question, obamacare doesn't address health care costs. it addresses ensuring people who don't have insurance. health care costs are still storing. >> they are talking about co-ops and so many obstacles in place. if you are a business and you cannot survive without government funding you should not be in business. these people can't stay in business because they can't get enough money. you shouldn't be in business if you need taxpayer dollars to support you. >> wait a second, michelle. this was an idea that came from the united states senate
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and not the obama white house. >> they wanted a public option. this was a gift from the white house. the white house gave this -- >> it creates more competition. >> no, no, no. >> -- a former insurance executive saying -- >> this is what they get from the white house. liberal democrats wanted a public option. it was a gift to them to basically apease them, and this was what they gave instead of the public option. this is not from republicans. >> go ahead, john. >> you cannot create competition with a gun. competition can only come from freedom. i guess to juan's point, the so-called market the government created, it is a market in trying to appeal for the subsidee and saw peel for the tax break. it is not freedom at all. it is the opposite jie.. >> i read about this, and it is profit. when you remove the profit motive itbacks down. they removed the profit motive
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from these insurers. >> i think as capitalists we should all say that's a good thing. >> capitalism -- >> too many of these health companies were not responding -- >> government does not create competition. >> you said it was working. eric just said a moment ago, lots of people, 40 million had no insurance and they were going on people with preexisting conditions. >> it wasn't working, juan, because it was not a freedom market. as many progressives like to advocate. >> you changed your position. now you say it wasn't working and before you said it was. >> let's beacon sis -- be consistent. it wasn't working because they didn't allow you to buy insurance across state lines. >> it was a free market. >> it wasn't a free market. michelle? >> i just want to say a capitalist is not in favor of government creating competition. government doesn't create competition, juan. >> so if you want child labor
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you think that is free competition? no, government has a legitimate role in setting some rules of the road. when it comes to insurance -- >> we are talking about competition and not rules of the read. >> companies are making huge profits they should respond to human need. >> let's stay on topic. i have to do this, guys. i want to pull up these screens. i tried to log on to the obamacare website. i got to the poimt they asked for security questions. i answered three. i pressed start your account and it gave me an error message and said try again later. i went back three different times and three different times i answered the security questions differently and guess what, it still said you can't log on because it was saying i was answering them the same way. it is a caw loss sal failure. here is an idea for lawmakers to cut this and start cutting this. money for studying jig lows ine mexico. i kid you not.
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just four days from lawmakers kicking off a new round of budget talks. we thought we would make a list of easy things to slash. how about 400,000 u.s. tax dollars paid to male prostitutes in mexico to practice safe sex? $1 million in disability benefits to prisoners and more than $4 billion in bonus tax breaks for illegal immigrants and to cap it off 8 million smackers, the marine corp may spend to give their eye -- iconic caps a uniform look. do they need uniform caps? >> absolutely not. spending sout of control. we have people selling food stamps on craigslist for cash. this is not just irresponsible, it is immoral. it is my generation who will inherit this debt. we are $17 trillion in debt. that means every american taxpayer would have to spend $138,000 out of their own money to get our country ut out of debt.
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and yet we still have juan and his buddies in washington saying more, more spending, please, more spending. it is crazy. >> juan, do you really think we should be spending $400,000 to find out if male prostitutes in mexico practice safe sex or not? come on. >> no, but the idea is to deter the spread of hate. >> you are really not going to defend this one, are you? >> no. i have heard everything out of you, juan, but this is one i was they ever expecting. >> no, but i will tell you this, i think if you are stoping americans who go to tijuanna and these places to have sex in this way, it is not a bad thing. but when you put it as americans studying male prostitutes in mexico it makes it seem like a folly. >> that's what it is. >> $400,000 doesn't sound like a lot of money. we have almost a $3 trillion budget, but these things add up. $4 billion for student loans. >> it is a lot of money. $tour00,000 is a lot of -- $400,000 is a lot of money. $1 is a lot of money for
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taxpayers. i think it is criminal. hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on functions like this which do not serve and do not respond to the actual proper function of government which is protecting individual rights. eric, government is 10 times -- our government is 10 times the size now than it was a hundred years ago when we actually became a super power, but unfortunately the progressive philosophy has continued to grow and with it the notion that basically government can do whatever it wants. mexican prostitutes, worthless grants for the department of humanities when government's actual role is protecting individual rights and that's it. >> let me get this straight -- >> let me bring michelle in. every time you put federal in front of something there is a lot of waste and a lot of fraud and a lot of abuse. all of these are more and more examples, right? >> when you have a government as big as ours and as bloated as ours, this is inevitable. you are going to sew fraud. you -- see fraud and waste. that's why you need small government.
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you don't see this when you have a small government. we have so many departments and so many agencies. there are so many opportunities to waste it. >> go ahead, juan. >> i am stunned. you guys said, you know what, let this cut. here are some ideas for cutting. let's cut humanities. you want to do away with music? you want to do away with education and scientific research. eric says -- try to stop aids. we are going to defend russia. [inaudible]. >> hold on, guys. michelle, finish your thought. >> if you look at the grant we gave out for studies we are spending $40,000 to learn about what is a monster, what people think a monster is. does the government really have to give money for studies like that? i don't think that is something -- >> i want jonathon to defend what juan just said. do you want to cut out money for humanities? >> i want to defend his
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dishonesty. cutting government support doesn't get rid of humanities in music. these are functions of free people in the private sector. i think they are a good place to cut. yes, juan, i hope you do see. they are a a thinking person who -- [inaudible]. >> government has no role to play in educating our children. let's get it out of there. >> they are not going a great job right now. >> i just want to say that do you realize the size of the deficit has been going down. government spending has been going down. the problem here is not enough new revenue. >> that's inaccurate. juan are you my good friend, juan, but that's inaccurate. government spending continues to rise. the only reason the deaf deficit is -- deficit is going down it was so bloated. president obama is bringing it down. >> my last thought is that, juan, just because the government is not in the business of humanities, there are still people willing to do
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this. there are many americans who will put that money toward humanities. you can rely on those people. you don't they'd the government to be in every sector. >> quickly i'm sure pam in kansas doesn't want her tax dollar spent on some of the things they are spending on especially mexican prostitutes. >> government can't do humanities. it is force. that's what it is by definition. a good place to start, eric, is any redistribution whether it is the humanities to corporate entities and let people keep and save the money they earn. it is theirs. >> we will have to leave it there. remember this? >> i put it between my knees and study it with this hand and then it went -- >> it happened again and now this woman is slapping mcdonalds with a lawsuit after a hot cup of joe ended up in her lap. that has someone here so hot they are calling for an act of congress. >> when she handed it to me it was spilling over and it was so hot that it spilled in my
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lap and it was burning. i was in such pain.
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a costly cup of joe after a customer spills it. watch ca
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hello, i'm doug mckelway. a fox news exclusive, the pakistani doctor jailed after helping the u.s. bring down osama bin laden may get help from the pakistani prime minister. the breaking details and a live report at the top of the hour. right now in washington, people are gathering in protest on the national security agency surveillance program. conservatives and liberals are coming together to say stop watching us. we will have a live report on that. the obama administration goes on a major damage control over
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the health care .gov website. this as the president moves forward with immigration reform. we will talk with one border state government who says the president's approach is all wrong. arizona republican governor dan brewer and new mexico represent joins us. america's news headquarters is next. mcdonalds in the hotseat over coffee this woman said came. suing for $2 million. she said a cup of joe passed to her fell into her lap and caused second-degree burns. it is two decades after a jury awarded another customer $3 million in a similar case. jonathon, you say these costly frivolous suits have got to stop, what say you? >> it is another example of why we need tort reform.
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she ordered hot coffee. she spilled hot coffee. how much more clear do you have to get? it is the total dismissal of individual responsibility in our culture. if you ordered a burrito and choked on it because you were eating it too fast is that taco bell's fault? no. it is your fault. i don't want to take away the right to sue and seek damages, but until the judicial branch reforms tort reform is needed. >> you can't choke on the burritos atta co bell. they are really small. mcdonalds was sued before and they settled. of since they put caution, this coffee is hot on the bottom of the cups. there it is. isn't that enough? shouldn't the woman have known hot coffee was coming her way? >> absolutely. there is an element of responsibility that has been done away this this country. we have excessive litigation. the problem is it slows down economic growth. it increases high unemployment and increases the cost for businesses to work.
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let's just talk about health care. if you talk about health care costs you talk about tort reform. we have hundreds of doctors practicing defensive medicine. they are ordering tons of unnecessary tests because they are scared of being sued. it is red includes. >> michelle makes a good point that some is in health care. they say to small businesses about $185 billion tort reliability in 2010 and 246 billion if you take all of the business. tort reform is bipartisan, you would agree with this, would you not? >> to an extent that corporations do have to be responsible. this is not a get out of jail card for every corporation that wants to do something that amounts to negligence. i am not in favor of frivolous lawsuits of any kind. you go back to that case, the famous case of the lady who initially got $2.9 million, that woman was in the hospital for guess what, eight days and
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had to have skin grafts. everybody makes jokes, but she suffered real pain. why? because mcdonald mcdonalds made a decision to heat the coffee beyond a aren't -- >> well, well. fair enough to saying she had negligence on mcdonald's part, maybe, maybe not. jonathon, we are not talking about negligence. we are talking about frivolous lawsuits. people suing for the sake of suing and seeing if they can score a win. >> yes, and today's culture, corporations corporations are guilty until proven innocent, even over something as innocuous as a hot cup of coffee. if she had gotten a cold cup of coffee about how terrible the coffee at mcdonalds is. people have to take some personal responsibility. >> every week i say i wish we had an hour exextend these discussions. coming up, the fireworks at the hearing over the obamacare website. they are teaching america why you need to watch "cashing in" every single
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week. >> you are telling every american if you sign up for this or even attempt to, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy, and that is a direct contridiction to h pi anr and you know it.
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time for what you need to know for next woke. >> among the medical device p cs that obamacare wants to tax and hurt, they are creating an amazing system of glucose monitoring for diabetes. the stock continues to breakthrough. >> very, very good. thank you very much. and here is something i want you to know. last week we discovered a little known disclaimer in the obamacare website. this week the web designers were on the hill and explaining the epic failure of the obamacare website. check out joe barton grilling a computer executive over the same issue we found last week. >> you are telling every american you sign up for this or attempt to, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy and that is a direct contradiction to hipa and you know it.
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who wrote that? >> i am not clear as to who wrote that. >> dc is listening. the media is listening and even liberals have us on the radar. we will hold them all accountable. have a great weekend. see you on "the five." from president to pitch men, mr. obama tries to get out in front of his health care website whoas, assuring americans that the site will work eventually. while republicans say the problem is just one of many with the entire health care law. whose message is getting out? we will have a live report. foreign policy faux-pas. the u.s. was eavesdropping on their phone calls and angers our allies. and protesting nsa spying on american citizens. the latest fallout from the leak of an nsa contractor. and reform could be the next big battle on capitol hill, but what is the thinking in the border states? january brewer and -- jan brewer and bill richardson will join us live.


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